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Asset Management System

In the simplest, most straightforward terms, it’s any process a company or organization uses to keep track of the equipment and inventory vital to the day-to-day operation of their business. The urgent matters and assorted fires that occur over a day or week push asset management further down the list of priorities. The purpose of an asset management system, or asset system, is to help companies keep track of fixed assets like IT equipment, industrial or manufacturing resources, vehicles, and other tools related to an organization's ability to run operations and earn profit.

Learning Management System

An information system that administers “Instructor-led” and “eLearning” courses and keeps track of the learner progress. Available on web and mobile platforms, this can be used internally by organization for their employees, Agents etc. It is a tool to empower your team Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, and Partners.

Education ERP

The oil and gas industry provides almost 55% of the energy need in the world. Apart from providing energy, it comes in many other purposes to make our life easy and comfortable.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Health Risk Assessment is a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment program that is easy to administer, and helps you identify which patients are at risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and other serious health problems. It also gives evidence-based recommendations for reducing risk and enhancing health. And it evaluates the risk, and gives suggestions for lifestyle choices associated with good health – including fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight management, and safety.

eClaim Management

Our e-Claims management solution offers an automated streamlined process for claim management which reduces effort, time and cost for claims processing and provides an eco friendly paperless solution for managing claims. It provides a fully integrated process flow for efficient claim tracking, processing and management.

Tele Underwriting

e-Underwriting is a new tele-interview underwriting system for customers seeking medical insurance policies. The insurer will use an innovative system that will see a team of medical professionals conducting a tele-interview. It collects “intelligent information” on applicant’s life and health related issues. How Does it Work? The tele-interview, will guide them through a set of questions relating to medical history and lifestyle. An interviewer interviews applicants on the telephone. The questions asked the applicant are automated and scripted. The applicant’s response to a particular question triggers the interviewer to either ask more details about the response or to ask another question. Essential medical insurance information will be recorded by the interviewer. This report is analyzed and interpreted by a qualified medical professional who has experience in underwriting and converted into a report. The customer will be sent a copy of the report to verify their information. The private health insurance customer will be able to ask questions, and provide data at a time that suits them.

Pre Policy Health Checkup

Pre Policy Health Check-Up is an intranet/internet based web application providing common platform to their insurance company, individual, hospital, provider & management where they can interact with each other. It is complete Business Optimization of Process of Health Check up, for clients who opt for Insurance Policy.

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