Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment​

Health Risk Assessment is a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment program that is easy to administer, and helps you identify which patients are at risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and other serious health problems. It also gives evidence-based recommendations for reducing risk and enhancing health. And it evaluates the risk, and gives suggestions for lifestyle choices associated with good health – including fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight management, and safety.

Available in Online Format, the HRA contains everything you need:

• Easy-to-complete questionnaire

• Links to extensive health improvement content

• Extensive and customizable administrative reports

• Quick information transfer capability – from online to desktop for report generation.

• Graphical Representation of Reports

• Suggestion for Health Improvements.

Benefits of Quality Health Risk Assessments:

• Identification of current health risks

• Thoroughly understand their report

• Reduce identified risks

• Learn how to make health improvements

• Ability to track health improvements that demonstrate cost savings

• Reduced healthcare costs

• Increased productivity

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