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Asset Management System

Asset Management System

In the simplest, most straightforward terms, it’s any process a company or organization uses to keep track of the equipment and inventory vital to the day-to-day operation of their business. The urgent matters and assorted fires that occur over a day or week push asset management further down the list of priorities. The purpose of an asset management system, or asset system, is to help companies keep track of fixed assets like IT equipment, industrial or manufacturing resources, vehicles, and other tools related to an organization’s ability to run operations and earn profit.

An asset management system makes it far easier for organizations to schedule and adhere to routine audits, which provide an accurate and real-time picture of the fixed assets in their respective inventories. The benefits of an asset management system are:

  • The ability to track and manage an asset’s entire lifecycle, from initial acquisition to periodic maintenance to phase-out from inventory
  • Improved compliance through accurate and comprehensive recordkeeping and easy-to- compile reports
  • The ability to monitor asset use and make improvements if necessary
  • The ability to keep up with preventive maintenance and routine inspections, therefore preventing expensive repairs and security risks from poorly maintained equipment
  • The ability to maximize asset lifecycles, therefore staving off early replacements
  • The ability to ensure that assets are fulfilling their necessary function
  • Greater transparency in asset management, leading to increased accuracy and accountability
  • Reduced waste and increased profitability
  • The potential for enhanced brand reputation (due to reduced risk related to asset ownership, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and improved profitability)

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